Sunday, November 23, 2014

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer release date predictions

It is November 23 2014 as I write this and I am trying to figure out when the first official trailer of Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be released. People are saying that it will be released sometime this week, which would make way too much sense since it is Thanksgiving week. The Internet is saying that the trailer will be released in select theaters first this Thanksgiving weekend, but who knows, right? Disney could release it Monday morning on the Internet right after I post this entry. My prediction is that it will be released either Tuesday night or Friday on showings of Mockingjay and Interstellar and possibly Horrible Bosses 2.  Tuesday seems likely because it is two days before Thanksgiving, which is when the Jurassic World trailer releases. Wednesday seems like a strange day to release, yet not totally unlikely since two or three movies come out then. Plus, the Star Wars producers may want to outshine the Jurassic World movie by showing the trailer a day or two before…or maybe on Thanksgiving to get everyone’s attention on Star Wars instead of Jurassic World. No matter what happens, it will be interesting to see what happens and what the studios do. The Star Wars trailer will probably have an official release date set in the next couple of days since Jurassic World has officially been said to be released on Thanksgiving during a football game.
I would much rather see lightsabers and space battles than civilians running around trying to escape dinosaurs. I hope Abrams  really delivers with this Star Wars film and brings Star Wars back on top after so many people despised the prequels, which I did not think were completely terrible. Episode three is in my top three favorite Star Wars movies ever. The third film made the entire series come together well, which I loved.

I imagine the trailer to be epic in all ways possible. It will indicate where the movie will take the series, but will not give away too much, I predict. I hope it has a dark ambiance but I want it to stand out from all of the movies advertising themselves as sometimes too serious. Well, it is Star Wars, so it is going to hopefully be a serious movie and hopefully the start to a great new string of movies. It needs engage the audience right away, which The Phantom Menace failed to do, although it still had qualities that I respected and enjoyed. I love all of the Star Wars movies because they each continue the saga and contribute to the continuing larger plot.

Jurassic World Trailer for a Trailer

The Jurassic World trailer for the trailer came out today and it was an impressive twenty seconds long. The opening is a quick shot of the entrance to Jurassic World, with the camera moving up close to it then fading to black. Then text followed by dinosaurs running passed a truck full of people. In the background plays a soft, yet mysterious melody. The people in the trailer who had the close-ups seemed to be concerned about something, so something sinister is brewing. Chris Pratt stars in the movie and he looks concerned about something going on. Let us remember that this is a trailer for a trailer, so the studio wants to show the public that they finished the movie and are working on an actual trailer now. Honestly, just show us the finished trailer instead of fifteen seconds of nothing. For some movies it is interesting to see little pieces, no matter how short, but this is not one of those movies to me. This is a personal opinion of course. I like the Jurassic Park Franchise, but I hope they change their theme song because the annoying song that always plays when the characters see an amazing sight is getting old. It got old after the first movie when the audience realized the music is more deceiving than food commercials.
Chris Pratt has come a long way since Parks and Rec. He has since appeared in movies including as Zero Dark Thirty, Her and Guardians of the Galaxy.  These are all great movies, besides Zero Dark Thirty that just seemed like war propaganda, or unneeded exploitation over Bin Laden’s assassination. I am getting a little sidetracked from the main point of this entry, which is the Jurassic Park trailer trailer. I just think having trailers for trailers is a little ridiculous but studios know that people get excited even just about trailers, so honestly why not? I get excited about trailers to always watch the trailer for the main trailer so I should stop being a hypocrite and accept their place in the world.

The actual trailer comes out on Thanksgiving. The first Star Wars: The Force Awakens  trailer comes out sometime this week as well and I am honestly more excited about that than Jurassic World but I am sure I will end up seeing both next year. I hope the plot is interesting and the music worthwhile because music indeed makes or breaks a film.

Movies based off of toys and games

The question I keep asking myself is whether game and toy movies are worth the public’s time. Transformers, for instance, is a toy-based movie franchise that has racked in billions of dollars, which can be seen as a success to some people, but also a failure to others who see the movies as a disgrace to filmmaking. People criticize the movies’ lack of story but abundance of sex appeal in the movie and always give Michael Bay a hard time for his directing work on the films. I personally like the first and third movies but could care less about the second one and I have not yet taken the time to watch the fourth movie. The reviews were bad, but I would like to judge the movie for myself instead of relying on others’ opinions.

Battleship is a board game that was made into a movie. It looked like a movie that could have been subtitled: Transformers Go to the Pool. I thought I heard one of the robots from Transformers in there so maybe they did such a good job there that they were hired for this one. It did not look like it had a great plot but once again I am judging movies I have not seen yet.

Pokemon, the television show, has many accompanying movies. Pokemon was also a game before it became a television show and then a movie. I have always liked Pokemon because it has maintained a compelling story. Okay, fine, I know the stories were made for little kids but still, as a young adult, I can already find more meaning out of the television show and movies than Transformers. Transformers relied only on action to keep their audience engaged while Pokemon, like other cartoons, throw in deeper elements to their stories that only older audiences will understand. What’s great about cartoons is all the theories that people make about vague parts of them. My roommate told me about a theory regarding Pokemon that the show takes place years after a nuclear war and the pokemon are all actually mutated animal species.

So, some toy or game movies have some good qualities. Ah, even Transformers does too because I like violence, and the producers of those movies know that the entire world population is universally attracted to it, along with sex. More artistic game/ toy movies come in the shape of cartoons like Pokemon, but that does not mean that there are no good examples of good live action game/ toy movies.


This is not really movie-related, yet it is film-related, if that makes sense.
Sherlock is coming back with a Christmas special in the winter of 2015 and I’m extremely excited, along with the news that the next season will not air until 2016. That feels like such a far time in the future. I’ll be almost a junior in college by that point which is freaky to think about. The halt in production is due to actors’ busy schedules holding them back from focusing on what is actually important; making Sherlock episodes. From a certain perspective, they made three movies because each episode is an hour long and they have had three seasons. That means roughly three movies. Three great movies. Because of this, I can see why the whole production team would like some downtime, along with the head writer also currently writing the next season of Doctor Who. He probably does not want to overwhelm himself too much.

What will happen in season four of Sherlock? Sure beats me. If the Christmas special covers the surprise ending of season three then I have no idea what the plot of the next season will be. The writers and filmmakers have hinted at the show getting even crazier than it already is. Maybe Sherlock will fly or turn into the dragon from the Hobbit or Watson will work in an officer where a camera crew documents his life there with his crazy coworkers and boss.

I think if they combined these two ideas into one season, the show would reach its peak too early and it would be all downhill from there.

But really, it will not happen now since I gave out that idea to the public so the writers are not going to use it because too many will see it coming. This is why I never give my theories out on the Internet if I really want it to happen because there’s a small chance that the filmmakers will rewrite the story so no one expects what actually happens.

This is why I should not say anything about the future of the Spider-Man universe until it actually happens. At that point, I will  jump for joy that they went with the route I predicted and wanted. This is not to say I have theories about films and series I do not like, it’s just that I would rather not think about that more inevitable possibility.

Have a nice day everyone.

Spider-Man 2 (2004) is the best superhero film to date.

Everyone has a favorite movie, or at least many do.  For others, picking a favorite movie is near impossible with hundreds of hours of movie pouring out of Hollywood alone each year. Narrowing down people’s choices to superhero comic book movies makes it easier for them to have concrete opinions, but in reality, there is only one clear answer; Spider-Man 2. I know, many people will say The Dark Knight was the “best” superhero film, but by saying this, the individual is implying that someone in a costume automatically has superpowers. In Spider-Man 2, on the other hand, Spider-Man has powers that a regular person would not, which makes him a superhero.  Although he does have some superpowers, he still shares more human characteristics than other superheroes, which makes the movie more personal.  Spider-Man 2 also communicates important themes of perseverance and “doing what’s right’ to its audience. Not only this, but the film has proven to be a good source of entertainment through iconic action sequences and other elements. If you aren’t familiar with the movie, Spider-Man must deal with personal issues while fighting crime and Dr. Otto Octavious. Spider-Man 2 has the best narrative art out of every superhero comic book movie to date.
            I know that right now this seems a little far-fetched, with all of the new superhero movies coming out each day, but I have seen almost every superhero comic book movie there is, and Spider-Man 2 still places at number one.
 Spider-Man 2 became the best superhero movie because of how human the film is. In the film, Spider-Man lost his powers for a long duration, leaving the movie to focus on Toby Maguire’s Peter Parker the most.  The movie is character-driven, which makes the audience feel like they’re in the protagonist’s shoes. Most of Spider-Man 2 delves into Parker’s character, making us, the audience, feel closer to a person who usually battles super villains while flying through the air. Christy Lemire of the Associated Press stated in her review that, “the film’s smaller emotional moments are denser, richer and more resonant than those in the first.” This is a positive review commenting on how well the movie dealt with emotional moments. The characters were written drive the plot of the story. We are captivated by the personal elements and psychological problems that come with simply being human in the movie because we can relate to them. Since Parker loses his powers, we see many human qualities that we can all relate to, such as awkward moments we all have. One awkward moment in the movie would be when he had just lost his powers and used an elevator to get to the ground. He stood in the elevator with another person who commented on his costume, which turned into an awkward conversation.
             Spider-Man 2 covers important themes of perseverance and “doing the right thing.” In the film, Peter Parker loses his powers and gives up being Spider-Man. He goes about his life until he encounters Dr. Octavious, who poses as a great threat to New York. Without any options, Parker must do what’s right by regaining his powers. He regains his powers through perseverance. This is done by Parker testing himself by jumping off the side of a building and realizing how far he can jump before falling onto some cars. This is a significant example of perseverance because he goes to extreme lengths to get what he wants.
While there are key themes in the story that add to its depth, the filmmakers also strove to make the film as enjoyable as possible. The public saw Spider-Man 2 as highly entertaining. IMDb, a movie-rating website based on the general public’s opinion has Spider-Man 2 as the highest-rated Spider-Man movie out of all five made. Rotten Tomatoes, a site full of professional movie reviews, gave Spider-Man 2 a 94%, which is only six percent away from a perfect movie rating. On, they rank Spider-Man’s fight with against Doctor Octopus on the train at number 2, with many other sites also commenting on the entertainment value of their fight scene. In review, Spider-Man 2 is arguably the best superhero comic book movie that has been made this far.
            There are many great comic book movies like The Dark Knight, Watchmen and V for Vendetta, but Spider-Man 2 shows a Spider-Man that is more personal and easily relatable to people since he loses his powers for half of the film.The film also pushes strong themes of perseverance and doing what’s right.

            Along with a great character story, the action sequences elevate the entertainment value of Spider-Man 2 .Spider-Man 2 consists of various elements that amazed viewers, making it the greatest superhero comic book narrative conceived thus far.